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Medicine / Dosages

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: The FDA acknowledges that the ingredients in these cough and cold products have not been tested by today's standards to identify their levels of efficacy and safety. While further studies are pending, the manufacturers are voluntarily relabeling their recommended use of these products to "Do Not Use" in children less than 4 years of age. Given the need for further research, the dosages listed below are the current recommendations of our practice.

Cough Medicines- Delsym

Dosages for cough medicines in various weights and ages
Medicine Name May Give Every   6-11 mo.  12-23 mo.  2-3 yr.  4-5 yr.  6-7 yr.  8-11 yr.  12yr and up
Delsym Syrup 12 hours  Do Not Use  Do Not Use  Do Not Use Do Not Use Do Not Use  5 ml 10 ml

Delsym Syrup
May give every 12 hours
We do not recommend Delsym for children under 8 years of age.
8 years- 11 years- 5ml every 12 hours
12 years and up- 10 ml every 12 hours

* CAUTION: We recommend that you use the dropper or dosage cup that comes with your medicine to avoid overdosage. Dosage recommendations on bottles may vary from the recommendation on these pages. We would like you to use our recommended dosages unless your health care provider has given you a different dosage. Aspirin should not be given to your child.

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